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When Failure is Not an Option!
Accelerator Door is a sales and service company based near Tampa, Florida. We service linear accelerator and vault doors and operators for oncology and PET centers nationwide.

Our area of expertise includes linear accelerator and neutron door operator installation, maintenance, troubleshooting and rapid response emergency repair. We sell and service both swinging and sliding door brookfield industries, Inc. operators.

  • Brookfield Industries, Inc. operators & hinges
  • Factory trained technicians
  • Emergency repairs of operators, hinges and doors
  • Removal and re-installation of existing linac doors for equipment installation
  • Hanging of new PET heavy lead doors

brookfield NB-2000 Swinging Operator

brookfield NB-4000 Slider Operator on 20,000 Pound Door

Whether you have a sliding door as pictured left or a swinging door as above, maintenance on a routine schedule is the key to long term trouble free operation.

Accelerator Door Corporation offers a variety of scheduled maintenance programs designed to keep your facility operating with a minimum of down time.

No amount of maintenance can stop 100% of failures. We stock a full line of parts and operators that we can bring to your site within 24 hours to get you back on line.  Simple repairs can be performed same day.